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Author: Ali Hamidi

  • Recruitment in Hanatech Inc

      User support technician Employer: Hanatech Inc. Industry Title: Information Technology Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent Start Date: As soon as possible Language: English, Minimum Education: bachelor’s degree (equivalent) in computer programming (science), network administration, or related engineering Positions Available: 2 Location: Fall River, NS Job Summary Hanatech Inc. is a leading Atlantic Canadian IT solution provider, providing easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions and 24/7…

  • Integrated Smart Social Distancing

      At Hanatech, we have developed an automated contact tracing solution aimed at helping maintain social distancing rules provided by health practitioners but also to make it easier to trace interactions and reduce community transmission. Although our solution cannot stop the spread of Covid-19 but it helps identify everyone who may have come in contact…

  • Hanatech Sub-Metering Solution

      In a report from National Science and Technology Council on Submetering of Building Water and Power Usage, it was found that: “Numerous case studies provide evidence that the ROI [on installing submeters] can be significant…Further, submetering provides the necessary infrastructure for more advanced conservation and efficiency techniques.” It is mentioned that the saving can…

  • Smart Asset Tracking Total Solution

      Organizations own multiple acquired assets for different purposes but mainly to facilitate business operations. As their portfolio of assets increase over time, it becomes very easy and common to lose track of what is owned and where those assets are located. There are many challenges for organizations associated with managing portfolio of assets but…

  • FireBlight Risk Management Products (new launches)

    Hanatech (proud IoT partner with Bell) is honored to introduce the new types of products with more advanced weather station components, expandable and fully solar powered with NB-IoT technology for data communication. Please check us at

  • Managed IT Services COVID-19 Update

      With the current dilemma all over the world due to the pandemic COVID-19, it is expected that the way you are managing business operations and daily activities are bound to change due to the rise in remote working. If not properly prepared for new situation, the organization and employees’ productivity will be impacted. Hanatech is…