Business Development Officer



Job Type: Full Time, Permanent

Start Date: As soon as possible

Language: English,

Minimum Education: MBA, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Positions Available: 2

Location: Halifax, NS

Job Title: Business development Officer


Job Summary


A Business Development Officer is responsible for overseeing the implementation of business development strategies to heighten company profitability. Their duties include leading a team of business development and sales professionals, identifying business opportunities to pursue and creating business proposals to support their ideas.

A Business Development Officer main goal is to identify opportunities for business growth and create marketing strategies based on those opportunities in order to meet and exceed revenue goals. Job duties

o Able to undertake service and financial modelling including presenting proposed models and contract prices at internal risk panels to gain Senior Leadership approval

o Leads on Business Intelligence in their specialist area by keeping abreast of commissioning intentions and entry feasibility studies for new commercial models

o Contributes to specification development either through market testing events, or via direct discussion

o Contributes to reviews of bid procedures/lessons learned exercises and implements any revised bid procedures and processes as needed

o Responsible for ensuring business risks are mitigated and/or escalated appropriately through Look A head’s governance channels

o Contributes to and supports tender exercises coordinated by other members of the business development team

o Analyses and puts forward business cases and options for different ways of delivering services to meet commissioner needs

o Proactively sources business development opportunities and developing creative ideas and service models alongside operational managers and customers

o Analyze sales reports, and provide strategies to Trim overhead and increase profit

o Identify new market opportunities via market research and initiate contact

o Create proposals for existing clients to improve their business utilizing company services

o Create proposals for existing clients to improve their business utilizing company services

o Provide coaching and training to subordinate Business Developers o Generate sales presentations as well as assist junior developers with theirs o Maintain positive growth in market area o Ensure appropriate business/commercial licenses are in place

Skills and knowledge Required Technical Skills and Qualifications:

• Microsoft Office tools

• Experience with SuiteCRM

• 5+ years’ experience working in a development role

• 2+ years in a leadership role

• An understanding of how to interpret P&L, Earnings, and Inventory reports

• Plan development projects

• Develop policies

• Develop marketing strategies

• Design market research questionnaires

• Evaluate customer service and store environments

• Review and evaluate commercial or industrial development proposals

• Conduct analytical marketing studies

• In-depth understanding of business management and operation

• Research and analysis skills

• Excellent organization and project management skills

• Ability to travel in order to see clients, explore new markets and attend conventions

• Negotiation & Persuasion skills

If you have what it takes and would like to be part of this expanding, fast-paced, and exciting industry, we’d like to see your resume. Please submit your resume to [email protected] Your email subject MUST be: Subject: Business development officer, YOUR complete name For more information, please contact our office manager at 1-844-HANATEC ext. 33