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Buildings are part of the largest contributors to the world’s total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  The smart building concept has become a prominent theme in recent years. The transformation in the smart product market and energy management service industry has led to the growth of smart building technologies globally. EagleEye – Hanatech smart building management solution fits in any small or large building retrofit/new construction. To save running in running energy cost and make your building more efficient and produce less Co2, EagleEye is the right solution. Some unique features of EagleEye makes buildings and facilities future-proof. By adopting EagleEye solution, personal thermal comfort, security, and safety, easy to scale and flexibility to use different new features in the buildings, low maintenance cost, and easy to adapt to multifunction buildings are some of the enhancements which can be achieved in any type of facilities. Some of the main top features of the EagleEye solution which differentiates your building from others are listed below.

    • Features

      • Energy waste feature by shutting the heat/cool source if a window or door is left open (time is adjustable).
      • Temperature range policy management, landlords can manage the provided heat/cool temperature range in the units. The feature helps to have a more convenient temperature range for senior people. In common areas, landlords no longer have to place a transparent lock box on their thermostats to prevent them being manipulated.

      • Low installation & maintenance costs by using cloud-base architecture and low-cost/high-quality battery-powered sensors in the units, facilities can be monitored 247 from remote.
      • Running Energy cost calculation for each unit or zone
      • Easy automated future upgrade deployments leak detection, door lock for units, auto shut off valve, etc. can be added or selectively used in different units.
      • No wire or power cable in units is required since the sensors are wireless and battery operated

      Hanatech’s solution is inexpensive, secure and works over long distances. Contact us today at 1-844-HANATECH ext 2 or email us at [email protected] to find out how we can help you achieve asset optimization and gain competitive advantage by getting real time insights into your assets and operations.