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Our experienced and diverse team has all the skills needed to bring smart IT to life.

Our Team

  • Goutham Bommu

    Software Developer
    Goutham Bommu

    Goutham Bommu

  • Scott Eckstein

    Sales Manager
    Scott Eckstein

    Scott Eckstein

  • Mahdi Ghamari BIT

    Network Engineer
    Mahdi Ghamari

    Mahdi Ghamari BIT

  • Ali Hamidi MSc, MBA

    CTO & Co-Founder
    Ali Hamidi

    Ali Hamidi MSc, MBA

    Ali has over 20 years of experience in the IT and networking field significant experience in establishing successful startups and in a broad range of technology solutions including:

    • Cybersecurity in Internet of things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications and financial systems,
    • Leading development of Hanatech OneSmartView platform which is based on Analytics, AI and ML with applications like: SmartBuilding, SmartFarming, SmartAsset tracking, Car counting solution, Dashboard for industrial systems
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery system (DRS), datacenter design and implementation, wireless and Lan design and experience.

    Ali holds B.Eng. in electronic, MSc. in control engineering, MBA (strategic planning, and marketing & branding) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and many other professional certifications.


    [email protected] I mobile: 902.880.1443

  • Anne Marie MacAdams

    Office Administrator
    Anne Marie MacAdams

    Anne Marie MacAdams

  • Iman Meshkat MEng

    Network Engineer
    Iman Meshkat

    Iman Meshkat MEng

  • Alireza Mohamadi BComm

    Purchasing Manager
    Alireza Mohamadi

    Alireza Mohamadi BComm

  • Manoj Kumar Morishetty

    Software Developer
    Manoj Kumar Morishetty

    Manoj Kumar Morishetty

  • Ali Nafarieh PhD

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Ali Nafarieh

    Ali Nafarieh PhD

    Ali, an Electrical Engineer with a focus on the IT field, holds MSc in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Internet working Engineering from Dalhousie University. With over 15 years of IT experience, he has led many local and international IT projects. He is an active senior lecturer at Dalhousie University in the Internet Working Engineering.

    In 2013 he founded Hanatech Inc. with Ali Hamidi, to provide edge technology to SMBs and Commercial and Residential buildings. Through his leadership, Hanatech has introduced advanced IT services for SMBs, cloud-based technologies, SDN-based architecture migration, and IoT-enabled environments.

    [email protected] | mobile: 902.880.2775

  • Stephen Parker

    Partner, Managed IT
    Stephen Parker

    Stephen Parker

  • Saba Raeisi BSc

    Office Assistant
    Saba Raeisi

    Saba Raeisi BSc

  • Fola Salami MSc

    Market & Sales associate
    Fola Salami

    Fola Salami MSc

  • Kaveh Sedghi BCS

    System Engineer
    Kaveh Sedghi

    Kaveh Sedghi BCS

  • Reza Tafreshi BSc

    Network Engineer
    Reza Tafreshi

    Reza Tafreshi BSc

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