Remote Monitoring & Management

With a flexible and scalable virtualization solutions, you can gain access to your office desktops from anywhere at any time, reducing your IT assets management costs.


Network infrastructures are a key part of business operations and must be monitored all the time to prevent downtime from security threats and disruptions to operations. Alongside monitoring security threats, it is important to regularly check health status of devices, storage, backups and notification alerts for unusual events.

Hanatech is well equipped to monitor your network devices across operating systems and platforms. We ensure your business IT systems remain secured with adequate maintenance and avert identified threats before they result in downtime for operations.

Network Monitoring. Anytime, Anywhere Proactively monitor and automate issues with

Hanatech RMM and Ticketing



I needed an IT Partner that had all the skills to provide a holistic solution. The Hanatech team really knows IT and continues to offer me great value that is the right-size for my budget.


IT Director, Cresco


    • Services

      • Automated desktop and server management
      • Remote desktop access & software installations
      • Integrated backup and antivirus
      • Infrastructure health monitoring
      • Ticketing, patch management & reporting tools
      • Business continuity
    • Remote-Monitoring


    Advanced services at lower costs

    Online chat capability with our support team

    Scheduled maintenance, optimal network stability and operational efficiency

    Detect and resolve issues before they cause crisis or critical system failure

    Enhance performance and extend life span of clients’ systems and devices



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