Managed IT Support

Focus your core business with 24/7 monitoring and management of all your IT assets including: systems, software, devices and virtual resources.


Operations are a key part of every business and downtime usually results in loss of revenues and productive hours for organizations. Hence, it is necessary for small and medium businesses to find quick resolutions to any problems encountered to ensure their business is back up and running after repairs have taken place.

Small and medium businesses have variety of challenges like insufficient staff, network security issues and operating on a tight budget. These make it difficult for business needs to be resolved in timely manner. Having Hanatech as your service provider, helps overcome the earlier highlighted issues as we can meet all your business needs with our team of diverse engineers and experts. For a fixed fee, Hanatech provides a free network assessment and select services for clients.



I needed an IT Partner that had all the skills to provide a holistic solution. The Hanatech team really knows IT and continues to offer me great value that is the right-size for my budget.


IT Director, Cresco

    • Services

      • IT managed services
      • Hardware and Software support
      • Backup and disaster recovery
      • Remote monitoring and management
      • Cyber security
      • Cloud services
    • Technical-Support


    24/7/365 technical support with swift response time

    Business continuity

    Reduced IT cost with improved performance

    Remote & on-site support services for all maintenance and technical resolutions

    More proactive support with reporting measures in place for accountability

    Scheduled maintenance, optional network stability and operational efficiency



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