Due to the ever-increasing utility costs (water, electricity, gas and heating) of buildings and high carbon footprint, building owners and other stakeholders are interested in achieving building sustainability.

Submetering solutions provide detailed insights into how energy is utilized in your buildings.

Without detailed insights into how energy is utilized, it would be impossible to effect any changes that would help reduce the high utility costs which have become a burden for building owners, facility managers and occupants.

For Landlords: Increased costs of property management and incurring high maintenance costs

  • Get insights into utility consumption around properties and comparison over periods to gain detailed insights
  • Reduce operating costs and achieve operational efficiency at all properties
  • Manage budget more efficiently, reduce utility rate increases and uncontrolled consumption
  • Enhance your corporate image by adopting green strategy and achieving sustainable buildings with low carbon footprint
  • Improved asset management and maintenance

For Facility managers: Rising utility costs especially energy and peak demand consumption costs placing huge strain on operations budget

  • Real time detailed insights into how energy is utilized and consumed in facility
  • Integrate communication between devices to understand relationships which may exist between utility consumption data
  • Predictive maintenance and alerts for equipment before critical failure occurs
  • Ability to bill tenants individually based on their utility usage and bring an end to unfair billings by charging occupants based on their individual utility consumption
  • Improved overall energy usage

For Occupants: Increasing utility costs and dissatisfaction around consumption can lead to loss of tenants

  • Better living experience and services
  • Improved utility billing based on individual behavior
  • Predictive maintenance for equipment before critical failure occurs
  • Transparency and access to individual utility consumption
  • Daily monitoring of consumption which result in energy savings

Submetering is one of the most efficient technologies currently in use for reducing energy loss. Technology is been incorporated into buildings every day and it is important to not fall behind technology. In Europe, it is expected that by 2020, 80% of all meters will be smart. The most common applications of submetering solutions include:

  • Peak demand management
  • Tenant submetering
  • Energy cost allocation


  • Accurate energy monitoring, granular in-depth view of facility energy data and real time utility consumption
  • Make informed decisions to optimize energy performance and consumption
  • Compare consumption across facilities over long periods
  • Identify and eliminate wasted energy
  • Predictive maintenance for equipment before critical failure occurs


Sub metering

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