Network Security & Structures

A high-quality network design providing a secure and cost-effective network layout for your business.


Generally, small and medium businesses (SMBs) believe their business operations are protected from all security threats through the use of data firewalls, antivirus softwares and 2-factor authentication. Unfortunately, there is a need for added layers of security due to the changing landscape of security threats on the rise such as ransomware, phishing, malwares and other malicious activities.

Now, more data which are vital to business operations are been generated by SMBs. This has led to SMBs becoming the primary target of cyber attacks. About 60% of these organizations go out of business 6 months after a breach due to unpreparedness. Hence, it is important to ensure all workstations and organisational assets are protected from damages. With Hanatech, you will have a secure network with improved availability and reduced vulnerabilities from attacks.



I needed an IT Partner that had all the skills to provide a holistic solution. The Hanatech team really knows IT and continues to offer me great value that is the right-size for my budget.


IT Director, Cresco


    • Services

      • Firewallls
      • VPN connections
      • Penetration tests
      • SSL certifications
      • Antiviruses
    • Network-Security


    24/7/365 technical support with swift response time

    Protection of assets from harmful spyware and data loss

    Improved network performance and enhance customer experience

    Secure remote connections

    Business continuity



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