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Author: hamed hasanabadi

  • Hanatech to Attend Canadian Agricultural Technologies Mission Meetings for Turkey

        Date: Tuesday, 26 & 27  January, 2021 Time: 17:00 – 20:00 Turkey time (GMT+3)

  • Chameleon is Hanatech SmartAsset Tracking Solution

    Chameleon is Hanatech SmartAsset Tracking Solution based on OneSmartView platform Hanatech’s Multi-fanction, cloud based IoT dashboard platform is scalable and supports all our IoT Solutions. One unified view of key IoT data points empowers clients with data analytics that will improve operational efficiencies. Take charge with alerts and controls customized for you business and managed…

  • Why you should invest in asset management solutions?

    Capital expenditures usually represent one of the largest item expenses of organization’s account statements. These expenses are usually are disbursed for the acquisition of assets: machinery, inventory and raw materials. The lifetime value of these assets decreases over time. Returns from capital also declines and it is important to maximize returns from equipment life cycle.…

  • Utility-Submetering: First step to improve Energy Management of your building

    Recent adoption of utility submeters has enabled multi-use building owners and property managers fairly bill each occupant for energy consumption and improve the efficiency of their building operations with value added data. This provides transparency and gives tenants the incentive to make changes to their own behavioral consumption, save money and conserve resources. Submetering solutions…

  • What are Ransomwares?

    “According to Datto, Ransomwares remain the number one malware threat to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the last 2 years” Ransomwares are a type of malware which infect computer systems and prevent users from accessing anything on the machines until a ransom payment has been made. In the past, without making the requested payment…

  • Risk of data in cloud and Shared responsibility model

    An average enterprise organization experiences 31.3 cloud security related security threats each month and these include: Insider threats (Accidental or malicious) Privileged user threat Threats arising from compromised accounts – Mcafee(2019)   Cloud services provide organizations the opportunity to quickly scale and be agile with available resources. Cloud services could be any of Software as…