Chameleon is Hanatech SmartAsset Tracking Solution

Chameleon is Hanatech SmartAsset Tracking Solution


Chameleon is Hanatech SmartAsset Tracking Solution based on OneSmartView platform

Hanatech’s Multi-fanction, cloud based IoT dashboard platform is scalable and supports all our IoT Solutions.

One unified view of key IoT data points empowers clients with data analytics that will improve operational efficiencies.

Take charge with alerts and controls customized for you business and managed using our mobile friendly dashboard application.

Our multi-protocol dashboard application aggregates sensor, meter, and system data all wrapped in an advanced security framework.


IoT Solution for Smart Asset Tracking

Organizations own multiple acquired assets for different purposes but mainly to facilitate business operations. As their portfolio of assets increase over time, it becomes very easy and common to lose track of what is owned and where those assets are located.

There are many challenges for organizations associated with managing portfolio of assets but it is not limited to management costs alone. Loss of assets, equipment breakdown, loss of revenue from asset downtime, excess production, untimely stock and prolonged equipment failure can be very disastrous for companies. Smart asset tracking makes it possible to obtain data providing key insights into real time status of assets and alert you for unusual behaviors detected according to your use case.

Smart asset tracking provides organizations with the capability to keep track of all assets from fingertips, manage assets from different locations from a single dashboard, organize asset portfolio, measure lifecycle costs and create a more efficient operation with performance measurement. In general, smart asset tracking helps to improve workflow productivity, reduce management costs, optimize operations and increase overall returns on investment.


Sence Analyse and Optimize with Chameleon.

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