Managed IT Services COVID-19 Update

Managed IT Services COVID-19 Update



With the current dilemma all over the world due to the pandemic COVID-19, it is expected that the way you are managing business operations and daily activities are bound to change due to the rise in remote working. If not properly prepared for new situation, the organization and employees’ productivity will be impacted.

Hanatech is here to help you deal with the implications of the pandemic by providing remote access to key assets vital to operation, support for all remote devices and in addition, provide backup and restoration services to ensure business is not vulnerable to attacks or data loss. To achieve this, Hanatech offers the following services:

• 24/7 Technical support
• Remote monitoring and management
• Business continuity and recovery services
• Secure remote connections (VPN)
• Network security (Firewalls, Antivirus, …)
• Cloud services (Office 365, SharePoint)

Hanatech is providing some product for pre-screening COVID-19 symptoms in facilities, grocery stores, hospitals and airports.

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