Hanatech FireBlight Risk Management Solution (TYPE-D2-2)

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TYPE-D2-2 (Subscription + Full-blown expandable Weather Station, Full Solar powered Station and Sensors, with leaf wetness sensor and soil moisture sensor): Farmers subscribe to our FireBlight risk management solution and we ship them a complete weather station which reads all required metrics for FireBlight risk analyses like temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall and soil moisture from in field leaf wetness/soil moisture sensors . The whole station and all sensors need no power and they operate on solar panel with battery backup.The installation of the station is very easy and straight forward. All required sensor base information for fireblight risk assessment is taken from in field sensors which makes the assessment so special and accurate to your farm. The station is constantly sending information to farmer portal and they have online access to all the reads from the farm. They can even have access to historical information as well. The solution can expand to any size of farm or multiple location and it equips farmers with deep insight from their farm(s).

you will have access to forecasted risk and historical information in your farm along with an alert system via text or email in case of any fireblight risk forecasted.


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