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  • The Importance of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Protection

    Many organizations understand the risks on-premise data are exposed to during business operations. Business models have been changed over time and many companies now use SaaS platforms incorporated into operations due to the flexibility they offer. Unfortunately, most are yet to understand the vulnerability of SaaS data loss which are at very similar levels to…

  • Why You Need A Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

     Did you know that in a recent technology survey of 1000 companies in North America & Europe, 44% of businesses planned to increase IT spending budget in 2020 and the most common factors for this change in North America as reported by respondents include: need to upgrade outdated infrastructure (71%), increased security concerns (50%) –…

  • Why Sub-Metering Solutions are Important?

    Did you know that utility rates are expected to increase over the next few years, and have been on the rise across Canada since 2015? On average, it is expected that residential building rates will increase at 1.2% and for industrial users, rates could increase by 2% yearly. Commercial and Industrial rates are expected to…

  • Hanatech Sub-Metering Solution

      In a report from National Science and Technology Council on Submetering of Building Water and Power Usage, it was found that: “Numerous case studies provide evidence that the ROI [on installing submeters] can be significant…Further, submetering provides the necessary infrastructure for more advanced conservation and efficiency techniques.” It is mentioned that the saving can…

  • Smart Asset Tracking Total Solution

      Organizations own multiple acquired assets for different purposes but mainly to facilitate business operations. As their portfolio of assets increase over time, it becomes very easy and common to lose track of what is owned and where those assets are located. There are many challenges for organizations associated with managing portfolio of assets but…

  • FireBlight Risk Management Products (new launches)

    Hanatech (proud IoT partner with Bell) is honored to introduce the new types of products with more advanced weather station components, expandable and fully solar powered with NB-IoT technology for data communication. Please check us at